The Twins have only played 11 games at home this season. Last night's hail storm that left golf ball sized hail in the outfield put a bow on the early weeks of the 2011 season. The team can't even get an uninterrupted game in! The Twins team yucked it up last night, and put out an embarrassing performance against the Detroit Tigers. Liriano became too "ill" during the third inning to continue pitching. The hitting was atrocious, and the bullpen was brutal. Drew Butera couldn't even catch pitches behind home plate . Gardy looked like he wanted to cry during the game, as he has to be at wits end with the team. This is turning ugly in a hurry for the Twins, and it doesn't seem like it's going to get any better in the near future. Eleven games back of Cleveland already, we could see some very meaningless baseball over the next few months. With the way things are going, don't be surprised to see the Twins as "sellers" at the all star break this season.