Vikings coach Leslie Frazier has not been bashful when it comes to addressing the team's need to find a franchise quarterback.  This is a refreshing take to Vikings fans because normally coaches don't tip their hand to what they have planned in the off-season.

The mere fact that the team is talking about it should give us hope that the team will get it right. From all indications on articles that I read, the team is doing they're homework on QB"s like they're studying for the final test to get their Master's degree.

Frazier also talked about the Kevin Kolb situation in Philadelphia, saying he would consider making the deal for Kolb. If the price is right, I feel that would be an decent idea. I'm not as high on Kolb as others. He has a small sample of game action for me to be enamoured by at this point.

After a recent interview on a Twins Cities radio station, Frazier gave hints that the team may be trading up in the draft to nab a quarterback. I'm hoping we don't take Cam Newton if we trade up, and that is strictly my personal opinion. I just don't feel his game translates well to the NFL, and the offense he ran at Auburn is nothing close to what an NFL offense runs.

The draft will be very interesting  if your a Vikings fan. Too bad the lockout is taking up every thing NFL right now.