Technology in baseball bats has changed how the game is played from youth baseball to the high school and college game.  The latest technology in baseball and softball bats is a composite bat that when hit well makes a "ping" sound not the usual "ting" sound that the aluminum bats would make.

The sound is similar to when a driver in golf is hit well.  The ball jumps off the composite fat bats.  For youngsters the size of the bat seems to make a difference.  The diameter of these bats range from 2 1/2 to 2 5/8 inches.

Some teams try and sneak even a larger bat in there with weights going only 20-23 ounces.  If you think the bat size doesn't make a difference watch some youth baseball games this summer and see how a check size can launch the ball in the gap in right centerfield if the ball hits the fat barrel.  Just like in golf the room for error is so much more with a larger barrel like a larger club face.  The game is getting easier for the hitter.