The Dallas Mavericks have been a perennial playoff disappointment for several years, now.  It really started in 2005.  They had a 2-0 series lead in the NBA Finals over the Miami Heat, and had a 10 point lead in Game 3 with two minutes left.  They were very close.

But they blew that lead.  They blew another big lead in Game 4, and eventually lost the series 4-2.  It's been a post season nightmare ever since.

Until now.

The Mavs' are clearly playing the best basketball of the four remaining teams, and Dirk Nowitzki continues to play at an unbelievable level.  He had 48 points last night, made all 24 of his free throws, and only missed three shots from the field.

Dallas needed all of his points, because the Thunder had it going offensively, thanks to Kevin Durant's 40 points.  Oklahoma City scored 112 points last night - they were undefeated this season when scoring that many.

They just couldn't stop Dirk.

I don't expect this to be an easy series for Dallas - but I expect them to win it.  They are currently on a 7 game winning streak during these playoffs, winning in a variety of different ways.  But Nowitzki is the one constant.

Comparing Dirk Nowitzki to Larry Bird used to seem blasphemous.  Now it seems pretty right on.

I'll be pulling for Dirk and the Mavs' in the Finals.  It would be nice to see he, and Jason Kidd, win a championship.  And there is certainly no owner more deserving, than Mark Cuban.

I'm on record as having the Bulls coming out of the East - but you know that Dirk wants a little revenge on the Heat.

Game 2 in Dallas is tomorrow night.