I know we don't talk about the Yankees here in farm country, but since I'm a fan of sports in general I though I would chime in on Derek Jeter. Plus, I need a break from the Twins talk. The face of the NY Yankees for the much of the last 16 seasons looks to be nearing the end of stardom. Jeter is batting  .250, with a .308 OBP, with a slugging percentage of .269. Those are the numbers of a guy who should not be making 16-20 million dollars a season. He has the highest ground ball percentage of balls in play in the league this season, and looks to be quite slow when he's running. He left yesterday's game with a sore right hip (cue the old man jokes) and is day-to-day. It is always weird to see guys that have been so great for so long lose their ability to play at a high level. Jeter is perhaps the most clutch player to ever play the game of baseball. His post season hitting is off the charts, as he was the catalyst for the Yankees World Series teams in the 90's and early 2000's. Even though he has killed the Twins time and time again through the years, a legend deserves credit when credit is due.