Weird News

Jeremy Lin Gets the Inevitable ‘Teen Wolf’ Theme Song
The Jeremy Lin tale is one of a basketball player who happens to be a little different than his teammates coming out of nowhere to dominate  from the point guard position. So where have we seen that story before?
Yup, ‘Teen Wolf,’ the 1985 movie in which Michael J. Fox play…
You’ll Never Guess What Derek Jeter Gives His One-Night Stands
The New York Post is reporting that Jeter has been hooking up with multiple, no doubt ridiculously hot, girls since his split with the gorgeous Minka Kelly. Hot girls love Derek Jeter? Stop the presses! The newsworthy part of this story is the manner in which Jeter gives those one night flings the …
US Olympic Committee Demands Redneck Olympics Change Its Name
The first annual Redneck Olympics, which took place in Hebron, Maine earlier this month, featured events such as wife-carrying, bobbing for pig’s feet, lawn mower races, mud pit belly flops and toilet-seat horseshoes.
It also posed a threat to the real Olympics, apparently, because lawyers for the US…
Watch This Amazing Arcade Basketball Dunk [VIDEO]
Atlanta-based rocker Aaron Keyes ended an epic game of H-O-R-S-E when he dunked on an arcade basketball game. Lucky for us, YouTube comedy duo Tripp and Tyler caught it all on film.
Take a good look at that form. Look at that extension, that poise. This is the last man you’d want t…
Baseball Fan Rips Foul Ball From Hands of Woman [VIDEO]
After retrieving a foul ball that had been hit into the dugout, Arizona Diamondbacks third baseman Melvin Mora flipped the ball into the front row of the stands.
His toss was intended for a young blond woman, who had the kind of look that would encourage a guy to give a girl a baseball.