Weird News

Bag Restrictions Go Into Place for NFL Games
The NFL preseason begins tonight and as a huge football fan, I'm pretty excited. What I'm not excited for is the fact that for women only, bag restrictions go into place. Here are a few of my thoughts about that.
Man Punches Woman Over Flyers-Penguins Hockey Argument
Pennsylvania hockey fans' allegiances are geographically divided. Most fans in the western half of the state root for the Pittsburgh Penguins, while fans in the east cheer for the Philadelphia Flyers. The teams' heated rivalry is one of the best in the NHL, but one fan took the battle too …
Animal Feces Found on NFL Football Players’ Mouthguards
When it comes to putting things in our mouth, we don't get grossed out by a lot of stuff. Unless our ladies are a little funky downtown, then that's straight up gross. But other than that, we'll kick back with an ice cold bull testicle beer or down a cup of cat poop coffee with n…
St. Paul Saints Have Some Fun With Mascot Names
The St. Paul Saints held a "Name the Pig" contest to select the names of their two pig mascots. The names that were chosen are Kim Lardashian and Kim Hamphries. The two pigs will spend the season at Midway Stadium in St. Paul in wedded bliss. The names make fun of Minnesota basketball s…

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