5 Early Fantasy Football Thoughts!
Let's face it, it's NEVER too early to start thinking about fantasy football.  Draft day is always one of my favorite days of the entire year, and we all love our team right after our draft, right?
Last year was not a particularly good one for me, in any of my three leagues...
Ty James’ Week 3 NFL Locks!
If it wasn't for a late New England touchdown, we would've had a perfect week 2. I love the action in week 3 - as injuries and line-up changes begin to have a very significant impact on every Sunday's results.
There are a few "sucker bets" out there this week, so tre…
The ‘Real’ Miami Heat Has Finally Surfaced
The Miami Heat have, apparently, been playing opossum with us this entire season.  True, they had some injuries to deal with, but they had some bad, ugly losses this year - for what is supposed to be such a powerful squad.
The 'bad' losses aren't even the ones that scared Heat fan…