Rebuilding the Vikings

Vikings Had A Fantastic Draft!
I have been accused of being more negative, than positive, at times - especially when it comes to our Minnesota sports teams.
But let's be honest, right now is NOT a great time to be a sports fanatic in Minnesota.  All of our professional teams are, shall we say, worse than most, in their r…
Vikings Need To Get It Right Tonight!
With the first two selections in this year's NFL draft all but a certainty - the Vikings find themselves in the "catbird seat".  After Andrew Luck goes to the Colts, and Robert Griffin III goes to the Redskins - nobody really knows what is going to happen...
Vikings Schedule: Easy At Start – Very Tough Nov. & Dec.
In case you missed it, the 2012 schedule came out a few days ago for our beloved Minnesota Vikings.
Expectations are not very high for the 'Purple' this coming season, nor should they be.  We really don't know if Christian Ponder is going to develop into the quarterback that we dr…
Rebuilding the Vikings: Running Back
In the next installment of “Rebuilding the Vikings”, we take a look at the running back position. This may be one of the few spots on the team that is set, other than the injury concerns with Adrian Peterson and Toby Gerhart.