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Twins Better Think Twice Before Trading Span!
Denard Span is not your conventional lead-off hitter.
You could certainly make the argument that he is a better #2 hitter in the line up.
He doesn't steal nearly as many bases as we would like, and when he does run - it sure seems like he gets thrown out a lot...
Twins Showed The Winning Formula Last Night!
The 2012 Minnesota Twins may not be such a 'work in progress', after all.
The starting pitching staff has question marks everywhere, but we'll get used to that.  Someone will step up - someone has to.  I'm not sure if we can fully trust Matt Capps as the closer, and the …
Rebuilding the Twins: Final 25 Man Roster
This edition of “Rebuilding the Twins” will focus on who I think will be on the Twins Opening Day roster. With Spring Training set to start in a few days, it won’t be too long before the roster will start to take shape. A lot of the pieces are already in place, with just a few k…
Rebuilding the Twins: Bullpen
In this installment of “Rebuilding the Twins”, we will take a look at the Twins bullpen. The bullpen was a very glaring weakness for the Twins last season. The lack of hard throwing arms frequently cost the Twins wins and the loss of Joe Nathan certainly doesn’t help change that…
Rebuilding the Twins: Starting Pitching
For much of the last decade, the Twins have relied on a strong infield defense and pitchers that generated a lot of ground balls. Most years this strategy pays off and the Twins are in the upper half of the league in terms of starter’s ERA. Howe
Rebuilding The Twins: My Top Free Agent Targets for the Twins

This is a pivotal offseason for the Twins, having just relieved general manager Bill Smith of his duties, and replacing him on an interim basis with former GM Terry Ryan.

The team has many holes to fill, most notably in the starting rotation and bullpen, but a rash of injuries hurt the club last sea…

Rebuilding the Twins: Left Field
The Twins are facing a lot of questions and uncertainty in the outfield as they look towards next season. With Cuddyer and Kubel both free agents, who should ultimately start at left field next year?

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