2014 MLB Preview

2014 MLB Preview: Detroit Tigers
Detroit Tigers
93-69 (2013, 1st in AL Central)
2013 Ranks:
Offense- Runs(2nd) Batting Average (1st) On-Base%(2nd) Slugging%(2nd)
Pitching- ERA(9th) Quality Starts(1st) WHIP(9th) Batting Average Against(8th)
Notable Additions: Ian Kinsler, Joe Nathan, Stephen Lombardozzi, Joba Chamberlain, Rajai Davi…
2014 MLB Preview: Kansas City Royals
Kansas City Royals
86-76 (2013, 2nd in AL Central)
2013 Ranks:
Offense- Runs(18th) Batting Average (9th) On-Base%(16th) Slugging%(24th)
Pitching- ERA(6th) Quality Starts(3rd) WHIP(10th) Batting Average Against(14th)
Notable Additions: Jason Vargas, Norichika Aoki, Omar Infante, Ramon Hernandez
They will…
2014 MLB Preview: Cleveland Indians
Cleveland Indians
92-70 (2013, 2nd in AL Central)
2013 Ranks:
Offense- Runs(5th) Batting Average (13th) On-Base%(7th) Slugging%(9rd)
Pitching- ERA(15th) Quality Starts(27th) WHIP(21st) Batting Average Against(11th)
Notable Additions:  John Axford, Josh Outman, David Murphy, Marc Rzepczynski
They will win …
2014 MLB Preview: Minnesota Twins
Minnesota Twins
66-96 (2013, 4th in AL Central)
2013 Ranks:
Offense- Runs(25th) Batting Average (25th) On-Base%(20th) Slugging%(23rd)
Pitching- ERA(29th) Quality Starts(30th) WHIP(28th) Batting Average Against(30th)
Notable Additions:  Ricky Nolasco, Phil Hughes, Kurt Suzuki, Matt Guerrier, Jason Kubel, …
2014 MLB Preview: Chicago White Sox
Over the next 2 weeks I will be taking an in depth look at the 2014 Major League Baseball Season. I will start in the AL Central and branch out from there in order of expected standings. After all divisions have been dissected I will have a simulation of the season with awards and playoff teams and …