What was your favorite "Michael Beasley" moment?

Because there won't be anymore of them in a Minnesota uniform.

Beasley is a guy that I really tried to root for as a Timberwolves player (more than once, actually), but his inconsistency got to be a little too much for me to bare at times, I will admit.

When Beasley was hot - he could be just as hot as any player in the league.  He has proven to be unstoppable offensively, at times.  The problem is, those 'times' are few, and far between.

Beasley never evolved into the franchise player and leader that the T'Wolves had hoped for when they acquired him.  He never even became a STARTER!

The real problem with Michael Beasley is that he plays no defense.  Never has, never will.  And that's a shame for a guy his size, with so much obvious natural ability.

I don't think Beasley is a bad guy, as many Minnesotans have labeled him.  True, he has had his run-ins with the law from time to time - but that doesn't mean that a man can't, and won't, learn from his mistakes and grow up.

I think Beasley will do well in that Phoenix scheme, where defensed is basically an afterthought.  He will get the ball, and score.

He'll score a lot, and play a lot of minutes.

They won't win many games, but he should be used to that by now.

Remember him when your fantasy basketball draft rolls around!