Yesterday I covered some sleepers for this fantasy football season, and today we will discuss the busts.

A 'bust' is not necessarily a bad player - he is just a player that, for whatever the reason, will not perform up to the generally expected level.  And of course, we all have opinions on who will be this year's busts, and why.

If you've already drafted any of the players mentioned below on a team of yours, I would start thinking about some trade proposals.  If you have not drafted yet - stay away from these dudes.

5)  Cedric Benson - RB - Cincinnati Bengals -- Benson appears to be the one who will suffer the most from the Bengals newly installed youth movement.  With rookies at ALL of the other starting skill positions, opposing defenses will be able to load up on him.  This offense may be bad, at an historic level.  He'll still get the touches in the red zone, but how many of those will there realistically be?  And, his days of breaking the long runs, has long passed.  Plus, they'll be playing from behind every week, making rookie QB Andy Dalton throw the ball a lot.  Not a good formula for Cedric.

4)  Marques Colston - WR - New Orleans Saints -- Colston is a perfect example of a very good player, that is just way over-valued by most fantasy owners.  Granted, it's nice to have a part of that Saints "O", no doubt - but Colston is not nearly the x-factor that he was a few years ago.  Drew Brees spreads the ball around, and his favorite target appears to be Lance Moore, when he is healthy.  He is, and there's Robert Meachem and Devery Henderson at WR, too.  Add in Darren Sproles this year, plus an infused running game with rookie Mark Ingraham - and the numbers for Colston might end up being very, very, ordinary.

3)  Arian Foster - RB - Houston Texans -- How can I have the guy that is the consensus #1 pick on my bust list?  Well, Foster strikes me as a bit of a one hit wonder.  The Texans had a ton of injuries on offense last year, by default making Foster the main man.  Ben Tate will certainly cut into those carries this year, and if healthy, the Texans will return to being a pass first offense.  Foster scored (10) TD's last year in 4th quarter "garbage time", when the Texans were far behind.  Seems kinda fluky to me.  He will not have anywhere near the season he had last year, I promise.

2)  Santonio Holmes - WR - N.Y. Jets -- Holmes has always been a very streaky, hot or cold, all or nothing, type of fantasy player.  Not a favorite of mine.  I don't think much of Mark Sanchez, but I think he's going to like throwing to the much bigger Plaxico Burress, more than Holmes.  As we all know, the Jets are a running team anyway, that is going to play many of their games in very cold weather.  Laugh out loud when he is chosen, and a few rounds later you'll be glad to have taken; Jeremy Maclin, Pierre Garcon, or Malcolm Floyd, instead.

1)  Dwayne Bowe - WR - Kansas City Chiefs -- Everything went right for the Chiefs last season, including a super productive year from Bowe.  But the Cinderella Chiefs are about to be rudely awoken, as the 2011 schedule is brutal, and the AFC West is no picnic.  Bowe won't surprise anyone this year, in fact, he can expect to routinely be double and triple covered, on passing downs.  The Chiefs are about 65% run on offense, anyway.  The only thing in K.C. that smells good this year, is the BBQ.  Bowe is NOT a big play threat.  His TD's and yards will be cut in half this season, if not more.

You have been 'bust' advised....