I'm sure most of you have heard that the the potential to black out 33 Twins games this season is a possibility. As I prepared to watch Tuesday's game, my TV switched over to the World Poker Tour (not a bad choice if it's midnight and nothing else is on) instead of Dick and Bert. I didn't know what was going on but I thought OK, must have been a mechanical issue and it won't happen again.

Turns out this could be the case for over 30 games!

This doesn't make any sense to me even though I know it all comes down to money. FSN is strong arming the cable companies to get a few more dollars for "premium" games in order to be televised.

Give me a break FSN, baseball games should always be on TV. America's "pastime" should not be blacked out for the simple fact of some extra money that you want to earn from cable providers. If the games were blacked out because the team stunk and the stadium was half full, then I could understand why some games would be blacked out. But when you have a successful team like the Twins, get the product on the air so everyone in Twins Territory can enjoy the success together.

I don't want my TV time to be watching a guy go "all in" after he lands a pair of aces on the turn.