With over 30 million of us playing fantasy football these days, everybody has an opinion on how to play the game. Here are my Top 5 Tips to Success in Fantasy Football.



Prepare For Your Draft

If you show up the night or day of the draft and just bought a latest cheat sheet, you deserve to suck. If you’re going to do something over a 17 week period, why not spend a little time looking over information prior to your draft and if even bold enough, come up with your own cheat sheets?
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Have No Emotional Connection

Just because a player bit you in the ass last year or plays for your favorite team or made you a champion in years past, it should have nothing to do with your picks for the current season. Things change all the time in the NFL especially in the talent position we end up drafting.
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Be Willing To Trade Good Players

If you are stacked in one position and need help in another…don’t be afraid to trade players. Too many get caught up in holding on to players for the duration. I’ve been a part of one of my leagues for over 20 years and still some will not trade. The only way they win is if they had a great draft and nobody gets injured. Not likely.
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Stay On Top Of Injuries And Byes

Not only can it hurt your chances of winning on weekly basis but it also breaks down the integrity of your league if you’re not paying attention and starting folks that are either hurt or on bye. If you commit to playing,then play. If not, join an office pool.
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Work The Waiver Wire

If you are struggling winning games, most leagues have a process of the last place team gets first crack on acquiring new pickups. Make sure to run through the free agents after Sunday and Monday’s game and get your claim in. Many Champions have won because of those players not drafted. Does Michael Vick ring a bell from last year?