There is no question that the baseball season is a long one.  In no other sport, are the playoff teams as absolutely deserving, as they are in baseball.  If you win your division, or even make it as the wildcard playoff team, you had a great season, period.  The; NBA, NFL, and NHL still routinely have playoff teams AT or BELOW .500 - often making a mockery of, at least one round, of the post season entirely.

So, can we forecast this year's playoffs, just from what we've seen in this first month?  I believe we can to an extent.  I know it's early - but I like to play the "if the playoffs started today" game.  Here we go.

In the American League, the Indians would be the #1 seed taking on the wildcard Rangers - while the Angels and Yankees would renew their post season rivalry.

The Colorado Rockies have the best record in all of baseball, and they would play the wildcard Florida Marlins.  The other National League match-up, would be Philadelphia against the Cubs, Reds, or Cardinals ( all are 9-9 at present).

Noticeable omissions from the playoff scenario; Red Sox, Twins, Tigers, White Sox, Rays, Giants, Braves, etc.

A few things we have learned thus far;

1) Troy Tulowitzki of the Colorado Rockies may be the best player in baseball.  The Rockies have a good, young, squad, and the best record in baseball.  Tulowitzki has 7 home runs already, and plays a flawless shortstop.  The Rockies have a much deeper line up than the rival Giants, and will be a force to be reckoned with in the post season.

2)  The Indians ARE for real.  I didn't want to admit it, but it's true.  Cleveland has a super talented group of starters in the rotation, and has a dangerous, young line up.  The rest of the division is weaker than expected.  Still haven't gotten much out of Chin Soo-Choo or Grady Sizemore yet.  Yikes!

3)  The Twins starting pitching is terrible - and without Mauer and Morneau the lineup is basically punchless.  They would be my pick to catch the Indians....but not without Mauer and Morneau.  And we may NEVER again see the real Justin Morneau.

4)  You can stick a fork in the RED SOX!  They're done.  I know it's early, and they potentially have a great line up.  But their pitchers stink.  Lester, Beckett, then pray for rain if you're a Sox fan.  Bucholtz, Lackey, and Matsuzaka are all getting pounded.  Even Papelbon is struggling, and Carl Crawford is hitting .158.

Then again, it hasn't even been a month yet, so don't book that Indians/Rockies World Series just yet.