Coming into the season, one of the many questions the Wolves faced was what new coach Rick Adelman would be able to do with such a young team. Other than franchise player Kevin Love, the rest of the roster was full of uncertainty.

Granted Kurt Rambis was no longer force-feeding the Triangle Offense down the team’s throat, but rookie players often struggle adjusting to new offensive systems. This has been far from the case with Adelman and the system he has brought to Minnesota. The advantages of being a veteran coach have allowed Adelman to create an offense that plays to the strengths of his players. With this system has allowed players such as Nikola Pekovic and Ricky Rubio to exceed expectations and provide a steady presence for the up and coming Wolves.

With three starting spots filled by Rubio, Pekovic and Love, the next big step is for Adelman to try to get something out of the other two spots in the lineup. Derrick Williams has started to pick his game up, and has shown promise for only being a rookie. With Adelman’s tutelage Williams should see steady improvement for the next few years.

Adelman might just be the thing the Wolves needed the most after the last few seasons of disappointment. After what was a pivotal offseason with the firing of Kurt Rambis, the Wolves needed someone to lead their young team and put them back into a prominent seat in the Western Conference. Compared to last year, things are definitely looking up for the Young Wolves, and who knows where the rest of the season will take them.