ESPN has been going nuts this off season with their predicting and prognosticating for the upcoming 2012 season.

Some of the predictions and analysis are so predictable that it's hard for me to even believe these guys are getting paid.

But some of the predictions are so outrageous, that its hard for me to believe that these "experts" are former players and coaches.

Well, guess what?  I like to think that I know a thing or two about football, as well.  There are certainly those out there that may disagree - ha ha ha.

So without further ado, here are my 5 teams that did not make the playoffs last year - that will this season.

1) Philadelphia Eagles - The Eagles "D" can't possibly be as bad, or inconsistent, as it was last year.  Michael Vick needs to stay healthy, and if he does, the sky is the limit.  LeSean McCoy may be the best running back in the league, and that "O" has a ton of weapons.  Believe it or not, the defending champion Giants are not exactly world beaters.  In fact, Dallas and the Eagles finished with identical records last year.  Philly had a terrible season in 2011....and was STILL right there at the end.  The Eagles will rule the NFC East in 2012, guaranteed!

2) Arizona Cardinals - The Cards finished a respectable 8-8 last year, but still finished light years behind the 49ers.  What people may not realize about the cards, is that their defense is actually pretty darn good.  The offense was shaky at times last year, but was riddled with injuries.  With just a little improvement at the QB position, and the addition of WR Michael Floyd - this squad is on the rise.  Whether they can beat out the Niners for a division title remains to be seen, but I expect them to be right on their heels, and certainly a candidate for a wild card.

3) San Diego Chargers - It amazes me how the ESPN guys are so in love with the Chiefs and the Raiders, this off season.  The Broncos won the division last year and have added Peyton Manning, and the Chargers ruled it for several years before that.  The Chargers have helped themselves this off season, through free agency and the college draft, more than any team in the league.  They had numerous key injuries on both sides of the ball last year, suffered a 7 game losing streak, and still finished 8-8.  The offense can match points with anyone, and the defense will be much better.  Don't forget that the death of Chargers great Junior Seau will definitely play an emotional role in this season.  For the first time in many years, expectations are fairly low, and there isn't much pressure on San Diego.  Look out.  You have been warned.

4) New York Jets - My belief in the Jets 2012 success is 100% because of Tim Tebow.  I firmly, I know...that he is going to supplant Mark Sanchez as the starting Jets QB very early in the season.  New York is tired of the whole Sanchez bit - and when Tebow gets in there and leads them to touchdowns - Jets fans are going to eat him up.  The Jets "D" is still fantastic, they just need the offense to have a little more life.  Enter Tim Tebow.  You heard it here first - the Jets, with Tebow at quarterback - will challenge New England for the division title.

5) Jacksonville Jaguars - I wanted to throw in a team that nobody in their right mind would see as a potential playoff team.  After thinking long and hard about it - I really like the Jacksonville Jaguars.  Houston won this bad division last year, but they are certainly not the kind of squad that looks like they will dominate from year to year.  The Jags problems the last few years have all been on offense, MJD can't do it all.  But I love the parts they have added, and Blaine Gabbert is a smart, young QB that I still think will develop into a great one.  You can't do it with zero weapons - and he's got weapons now, and will improve greatly, in his second year.  I  may want some Jaguars OTHER THAN Maurice Jones Drew, this year, LOL.