Be honest, you didn't think the Broncos were going to beat the Steelers last weekend, did you?  I can't say that I blame you.  Even though we knew the Steelers were a little bit banged up, it still didn't seem possible that Tim Tebow would outduel Big Ben.

It also seemed impossible to think that Denver would score 29 points on the 'Steel Curtain' - but they did - and now they have the opportunity to REALLY turn some heads this weekend in New England.  This would be one of the biggest upsets in playoff history - the Pats' are a 14 point favorite, and most of the football world seems to think that this will be little more than a glorified "scrimmage" for New England.

I, however, have four very good reasons why football fans everywhere, should watch this match-up - and why Broncos fans should "Keep the Faith".

1) This is the 2nd time this season that Coach John Fox has faced the Patriots high powered offense.  He is one of the premier defensive football minds on the planet, and is no stranger to playoff football, nor defensing Tom Brady in a big game.  Champ Bailey will bottle up Wes Welker, and the Broncos "D" will be extremely physical with the Patriots two good tight ends.  Don't expect much from the New England ground game, either.  We will see more punts from the Pats' than we are used to, for sure.

2) If there is any bad weather at all - that's a big advantage for the Broncos.  Any wind or snow that hinders the passing game of the Pats', would be an enormous break.  In contrast, the elements would have very little effect, if any, on the Denver 'ground and pound' attack.  Anything that keeps the score down and "uglies up" the game, will keep the crowd relatively quiet, and is a big plus for Denver.

3) The New England secondary is weak, and certainly the achilles heel of a team without many noticeable weaknesses.  They are last statistically in the NFL, and Tim Tebow had the best game of his career passing last week.  He will be confident, and opportunities for big plays in the Denver passing game will be a certainty.

4) The Denver belief is strong right now!  It's part Tebow, part God, part defense, and part weird - but it exists and is thriving.  They play the game the old fashioned way; with a punishing running game and great defense.  That has been a proven winning formula for decades - and the Broncos epitomize that.  There is no doubt, that when 45 men all come together and believe in the same dream - it can come true.  This wouldn't be the first time.

If the Patriots get out to a big, early, lead - then it's over, period.  I will certainly concede that.  If Denver turns the ball over, they are done, no question.

But if this game is close at halftime, and close entering the 4th quarter - New England fans will be sweating bullets.

That is the exact scenario I expect, and am hoping for.